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School Advisory Board

The Saint Stephen School, Board includes the pastor of St. Stephen Parish, a pastor of one of the other supporting Oil City parishes (or a representative appointed by the pastor), the school principal, six (6) at large members voted on by the school's parents, the president of the school parent Athletic Association, and the president of the Home and School Association.  The at large members serve a term of two (2) tears beginning with the July board meeting.  Elections for the at large members are held annually during the Spring Program.


The Primary function of the School Board is to assist with the implementation of the mission of St. Stephen School.  The board will serve as the advisory body of the school.  The board will advise in a manner consistent with the vision of Catholic education articulated by the bishop of the Diocese of Erie and the pastor of St. Stephen Parish.


School Board Meetings will be the 2nd Wednesday of each month.




Regina McGrail: President


Evan Gibson: Vice President


Sue Homan: St. Joseph: Secretary


Karen Wenner: Treasurer


Deb Mitchell


Fr. John Miller III: Pastor of St. Stephen/St Joseph Parish


Ryan Cyphert


Melissa Cyphert: Home and School


Skip Homan


Peg Teeter: Athletics


Mr Michael D O'Brien, M.Ed.: Saint Stephen School Principal


Nicole Snyder





President: Melissa Cyphert


Vice President: Ryan Beichner


Secretary: Daniel Harton


Treasurer: Tracy Lander




Preschool: Natalie Lander


Kindergarten: TBA


1st Grade: Abigail Popescu


2nd Grade: Diane Crawford


3rd Grade: Danielle Harton


4th Grade: Gilda Giancola


5th Grade: TBA


6th Grade: Peg Teeter


7th Grade: Jacki Weikert


8th Grade: Kelly Stroup




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214 Reed Street

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